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Our Story

Bud Floral + Home is a leading Chattanooga destination for custom floral designs, designer home goods, and fine art. 

Jamie Rehm, Founder + Lead Floral Designer, grew up helping her beautiful Grandmother Margaret set the table. Even at 90, she teased that Jamie would blow in like a hurricane and rearrange everything she had just done. Guests meant line-dried linens, well-worn silver, and, of course, Grandpa Bud’s prize-winning flowers; orchids being his favorite. With buds and stems still warm from the greenhouse or garden sun, Jamie couldn’t wait to help her Grandmother arrange Grandpa Bud’s colorful treasures into a centerpiece. 

Grandpa Bud’s passion went beyond the table. An illness, birthday, anniversary, or “just because” would prompt a beautiful “Grandpa Bud bouquet” and her young eyes saw their neighbors’ worlds become immediately brighter and their community closer. What better way to honor her Grandparents’ legacy than to continue it and name her inherited passion after them.

In 2019, the Bud brand welcomed Susan Reynolds, Co-Owner and Home Interiors Specialist, to curate a collection of designer home goods and represent a number of fine artists. Bud has grown into a lifestyle destination for home decor, gifts, fine art, and delicious food courtesy of Nourishpoint. Come visit Bud Floral + Home, where we not only strive to make you feel special, but help you, in turn, find the perfect gift for a special person in your life or a unique item for your own home.