Our Top 5 Favorite Flower-Themed Films


Our Top 5 Favorite Flower-Themed Films

Ahhhh….summer. That beautiful time of year where we can all relax, sit poolside with a cool glass of sweet tea (or rose), and catch up with family and friends. And what better way to hang out than with a movie night spent watching the classics?

But, of course, it’s no surprise that when it comes to movies, our favorites revolve around flowers!

Check out our top-5 list of flower-themed films to fill your summer evenings with!

1. Steel Magnolias

If you’re in the mood for a real tear-jerker, Steel Magnolias may be for you. A must-see for any southerner, this film begins with a hairdresser, played by Dolly Parton, helping a bride, played by Julia Roberts, get ready for her over-the-top and oh-so-southern wedding complete with gorgeous pink florals. Our favorite line? “My colors are blush and bashful”.

2. Alice in Wonderland

If you’re a fan of roses, Alice in Wonderland has probably been on your list for awhile! Maybe you’ve seen the cartoon version already, but have you seen the 2010 live-action film with those gorgeously brilliant white roses? They’re just too perfect - before they’re painted red, that is! And who could forget about those talking pansies? There’s so many different flowers in this film - we challenge you and your family to re-watch and take note of as many different kinds as you can!

Screen Shot 2019-06-07 at 10.18.03 AM.png

3. Beauty and the Beast

Another Disney classic, the rose is obviously the star of this movie too! We love both the cartoon and live-action versions - from the songs, to the costumes, to the flowers, there are so many great parts about this family classic. Want to go all out for Beauty and the Beast movie night? Order some red roses from us today to make the evening truly magical!


4. Father of the Bride 1 (and 2)

We love watching Father of the Bride I and II for the gorgeous wedding and (*spoiler*) baby shower floral arrangements! From the white roses, to the gorgeous peonies, beautiful lilies, and, of course, the swans, this wedding had everything!

5. The Sound of Music

Maybe one of the best musicals of all time, we can’t help but sing along with Julie Andrews while she dances through the field of flowers in that opening scene! From the mountains of Europe, to the villages down below, we love to see all the different colors of wildflowers there are in this movie. And who could forget her beautiful wedding dress and bouquet filled with white roses and edelweiss?!

We hope you enjoyed reading through our top 5 list of flower-themed flicks! Let us know in the comments below what your own favorites are!


#Happy Mother's Day!


#Happy Mother's Day!

Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 4.58.36 PM.png

It’s no surprise that Mother’s Day is one of the most important days of the year for floral studios nation-wide - but, here at Bud Floral, Mother’s Day means even more to us than your average flower shop.

Why is that, you might ask?

Well, it just so happens that every member of our floral design team is a mother herself!

Between myself (a mom of two), Karen (mom of three), Ashley (mom of three) Carey (mom of one), Jenny (mom of one), and Hanlie (also a mom of one), our studio is filled with so many wonderful mothers on a daily basis.

I am so appreciative of each one of these awesome ladies and all they do to make Bud Floral + Home such a success, but, what I really admire about them the most is the love and commitment they have for their children!

With that being said, I would like to give a special shout-out to all my Bud Moms to honor them this Mother’s Day! 

Karen - mother to three children and grandmother to one grandchild

Karen just glows every time she tells a story about one of her children. She has her hands in all of their lives and helps them from babysitting the grand dog to babysitting the grand baby. She also helps care for her elderly mother all while managing us (the Bud Team) and traveling the world with her sweet husband. She keeps us all in line and does it in such a loving way that only a mother can do!  

Hanlie - mother to one son

Hanlie’s from South Africa and I love the way she has embraced our culture and helps her son do the same - carpooling daily to swim all over Chattanooga is just a small part of the love that this mother has for her son!

Carey - mother to one daughter

Carey is in the middle of planning her daughter’s wedding, and she just sparkles when she talks about the wedding as well as her daughter! I love the way she embraces all of us, has motherly wisdom, and cares not only for her daughter, but for all of us here at Bud!  

Jenny - mother to one daughter

Jenny juggles her time between taking care of her sweet daughter, mother, aunt, and cousin - and most recently her new puppy! Jenny’s positive energy is contagious and she is one of the most thoughtful people I know. She is the mother who remembers the snacks when we’re knee-deep in flowers, remembers all of our birthdays, and gives us great pep talks when we need them the most! 


Ashley - mother to three

Ashley has just had her third baby and is always giving adoring looks to her three little cuties! She has her hands full, but she does it all with grace and patience. Each day she’s with us, the example she sets as a mother reminds us all to be a little more graceful and patient with everything we do too!

Olivia , Emily and Kennedy - they’re our young ones who ARE the daughters!

I love hearing their stories about their mothers and grandmothers and I know that they are the beautiful, engaging and responsible women they are because of those wonderful influences!

From my talented fellow designers, to my sisters, my mother-in-law, and my own amazing mother, I am constantly in awe and learning from each one of them day in and day out!

To all the mothers out there, Happy Mother’s Day from myself and the rest of the Bud Team!

Click here to remind your own mom just how much you love her!


#Happy Easter!


#Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from Bud Floral + Home!

Spring is definitely a very special time for all of us here at Bud Floral. From Valentine’s, to Mother’s Day, to all of the beautiful spring weddings we have the honor of playing a role in, spring is always our busiest time of the year. But, the spring holiday that brings us the most happiness is Easter!

To us, spring is not only an opportunity for renewal and rejoicing, but also an opportunity for reflection on all that mother nature offers. It is a time for celebrating everything around us from the air we breathe, to the beautiful blue skies above, and - of course - the jaw-dropping flowers finally coming into full-bloom!

Though, even more than that, spring is also a time for mindfulness and thankfulness

This weekend, thousands of people will slow down and take the time  to attend religious services at sunrise or their chosen house of worship, to share a meal, to travel for a reunion with loved ones, or to reach out to family and friends in order to remind them how much they are loved. The reason we do all of this is because true happiness is found even in the smallest of connections we create between each other daily. Whether it’s holding the door open for a stranger, giving a warm welcome to the new co-worker, or sending flowers to a friend struggling with a recent loss.  The way we choose to react and interact has an immeasurable impact on those around us.

That’s why, this Easter weekend, the #BudTeam challenges you to be mindful of the ways you choose to interact with the world around you and to be thankful for each of life’s happy little moments.  

Rejoice in the beauty of nature.

Reflect on the little things in life.

Reconnect with family and friends.

Find happiness in everything around you!

However you decide to find that happiness is up to you - but as for all of us here at Bud Floral, we’ll be finding it each day in the flowers we prepare for proms, birthdays, funerals, graduations and every other immeasurable interaction in life beyond-worthy of the gift of flowers.

We hope you find your #HappyPlace this weekend and every weekend - and from the entire #BudTeam, Happy Easter!